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Nitrite Salt - 4036 Super Plus 10KG Pail

Product Code: OC31050

Nitrite Salt - 4036 Super Plus 10KG Pail
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Nitrite Salt - 4036 Super Plus 10KG Pail
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Product Information

Nitrite Salt is a powder which when added to water becomes a brine used for curing bacon, hams and other cured meat such as Pastrami.

Useage Guidelines

Injection Cures
Use in injection cures 1.5% ingoing.

For a non-derogated cured product the maximum ingoing level of sodium nitrite is 150 ppm or 0.015%, therefore please ensure ingoing level of 4036 Super plus is 1.5%.
As 4036 contains 1% sodium nitrite at this level ingoing would give 0.015% sodium nitrite.

If injected at 15%, brine would be water 80.8%, 4036 11.5% and salt 7.7%.

Brine would be added at 0.15 kg for each 1 kg meat.

This would give 1.5% ingoing of Super plus 4036 and 1% additional salt.

Precise brine would depend on injection level and required salt content and whether other ingredients added.

Cover Brine
Cover brine from new 10% (plus would need additional salt)

If making a new cover brine typical nitrite levels in region 0.1% or 1000ppm.

Therefore circa 74% water, 10% Super plus 4036 and 16% additional salt.

If wanting to top up cover brine nitrite levels not really suitable a more concentrated nitrite product would be more applicable.

Dry Cure
Dry cure circa 3.5 parts per 100 parts lean meat.

At 3.5% parts would give circa 340 ppm ingoing sodium nitrite.

The legal maximum for sodium nitrite in dry cured products at point sale is 175 ppm if sold raw and if product is sold cooked 100 ppm.

As its point of sale you can add more than the residual level as nitrite will breakdown and levels drop as the product becomes cured.

Also the product would need to be dry cured for a minimum of 4 days. The other factor to consider is what salt content you are targeting.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Nitrite Salt - 4036 Super Plus 10KG PailSpec Sheet