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Modified Potato Starch 25KG

Product Code: OC30172

Modified Potato Starch 25KG
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Modified Potato Starch 25KG
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Product Information

Modified Potato Starch is commonly used as a replacement for Breadcrumb or rusk to add to seasonings to make gluten free products. Also widely used as a thickener for sauces and batter, so commonly used by Chinese restaurants.

Advantages of Modified v's Native
  • Has good stability at Low pH (acidic, eg vinegar, wine, tomato based products, does not go watery or break down

  • More Heat Stable (boil longer, enhanced shelf life on hotplate

  • Shear Stability (stays thicker longer, more resistant to processing)

In most cases this can be used as a direct replacement for the native potato starch. You may even be able to use less.

**We strongly recommend that you conduct your own trials**

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Modified Potato Starch 25KGSpec Sheet
Modified Potato Starch 25KGKosher Certificate
Modified Potato Starch 25KGHalal Certificate