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Bamboo Skewer 200MM X 4MM 1000 Per Pack

Product Code: SKBAM200-4

Bamboo Skewer 200MM X 4MM 1000 Per Pack
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Bamboo Skewer 200MM X 4MM 1000 Per Pack
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Product Information


Bamboo skewers last longer and are safer from burning. All you need is the perfect time of soaking bamboo skewers into the water, and they're good to go.

Producing bamboo takes less energy and other resources compared to wood or steel. This makes it an eco-friendly skewer - it's a more sustainable and hard wearing alternative to wooden skewers. Plus, it has an attractive, natural look and feel to it.

Bamboo skewers are convenient, natural, biodegradable, and easy to dispose of, and of course, it is healthy. In short meaning, it is environmental.

Save the trees and use Bamboo skewers! Bamboo is commonly thought of as a kind of wood. However, as an environmental term, bamboo is actually different from the common ?wooden? products. This is because the bamboo derives from a plant - and that bamboo plant is sustainable because it can grow 20 cm to 30 cm in just 24 hours, and of course, environmentally friendly. So no need to chop down any trees when you choose bamboo skewers - so they're better for the environment.

High-quality bamboo skewers are usually thicker and have higher heat tolerance. Thus, lowering the possibility of having a burnt stick on your barbecue.

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