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Chilli & Lime Taco & Fajita Mix 600G Pack

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Chilli & Lime Taco & Fajita Mix 600G Pack
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Chilli & Lime Taco & Fajita Mix 600G Pack
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Product Information

Chilli & Lime Taco Mince Mix

This traditional Mexican mince mix is a simple but effective way of making a delicious mexican mince for Mexican and Tex-Mex food such as tacos, fajitas, enchiladas, burritos, etc.

This mix is a milder version of our Spicy Taco Mince Mix - less spicy, with a hint of fruitiness

Simply add the mexican mince mix to your finest quality mince beef, along with some water, and you have a a full flavoured sauce!

There are 2 ways of selling this mix in to your customer.

Option 1: Dry
Follow the recipe and sell to your customer the mince with the mix added. Your customer only needs to add water, (the same volume of water as mince!) and cook in a pot or oven for 30 mins.

Example: customer orders 500g

Mince: 400g
Mix : 100g
Water: 500g (Customer adds)

Option 2: Oven Ready
Follow the recipe and add the water. The Mince will thicken up, to the consistency of a cooked chilli con carne. You can then package this in ovenable or microwavable trays for the customer to take home and cook straight away.

Example: customer orders 500g (ready meal)

Mince: 200g
Mix : 50g
Water: 250g

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Chilli & Lime Taco & Fajita Mix 600G Pack Gluten Free
Chilli & Lime Taco & Fajita Mix 600G Pack DecProduct Declaration
Chilli & Lime Taco & Fajita Mix 600G Pack Quality CertificateQuality Certificate