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Cook-in-the-bag Piri Piri Sauce Mix 2.5KG

Product Code: SE41909

Cook-in-the-bag Piri Piri Sauce Mix 2.5KG
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Cook-in-the-bag Piri Piri Sauce Mix 2.5KG
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Product Information

Cook-in-the-bag Piri Piri Sauce Mix 2.5KG - just add water to this mix to create a delicious sauce.

Designed for use with our COOK-IN-THE-BAG vacuum pouches. Follow the 'Recipe Suggestions' shown above to the right, for your different meat types to form a sauce that can be added directly into the pouch along with your meat, vacuum sealed and ready for sale.

This provides the ultimate convenience for your customers as all they simply need to do is place the pouch in their oven.

Watch Chef Andy Benn use our COOK IN THE BAG Piri Piri Sauce Mix with chicken.

Cook In The Bag provides a convenient and easy way to prepare products such as meat, poultry, fish, and also vegetables and dish-ready foods, all without losing the product's vitamins, minerals, aromas, quality and flavour. All products can be flavoured with spices, sauces and marinades for better taste - whatever gives the perfect cooking result.

Cook In The Bag:
  • Innovative product that saves time and money.
  • Oven bake MAX temperature is 220℃
  • No need to pierce
  • Microwaveable
  • Safe to use with any equipment (no double-pack needed).
  • Intelligent seal implementation
  • Wide range of product application.
  • High endurance (more than 2 years).
  • Suitable for industrial and catering products.
  • Can be used by food producers as commercial packaging and also in retail markets.
  • Precooked meals can be finished in the microwave in less than 5 minutes, resulting in excellent flavour.

ScobiesDirect have developed a range of sauces that are specifically create to work our new 'Cook-In-The-Bag' ovenable pouches:

Please note: Generally other sauces & marinades are not suitable for these Cook-In-The-Bags vacuum pouches, so we strongly recommend that you use the sauces above, which have been specifically developed to work with these bags.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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