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Cutting Board White 1000 X 385 X 20MM

Product Code: PE500

Cutting Board White 1000 X 385 X 20MM
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Cutting Board White 1000 X 385 X 20MM
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Product Information

High Molecular Weight Polyethylene / HMW PE 500 grade is very extensively used as a wear or abrasion resistant component on conveyors, chutes, troughs, tension bars and liners.

Our professional plastic butchers blocks are manufactured from premium quality cast, high molecular weight polyethylene PE500 grade.
  • Ideal for high frequency usage, extremely durable and reliable
  • A perfectly smooth, even and consistent butcher’s surface
  • Non-absorbent to liquids and odours and therefore do not harbour bacteria
Being lightly ‘softer’ than UHMW, HMW PE is often specified for cutting boards because it does not blunt the knives as quickly and is food approved.

As well as this HMWPE has a high chemical resistance and low moisture absorption properties. PE500 sheet is FDA approved and can be fabricated and welded and also has exceptional non-stick properties.

Material Uses:
  • Food cutting boards
  • Protection strips
  • Chain guides
  • Buffers
  • Wear Strips
  • Change parts

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Cutting Board White 1000 X 385 X 20MMFood Contact Certificate