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180L Pop Up Timers For Turkey 100/PACK

Product Code: PAT180

180L Pop Up Timers For Turkey 100/PACK
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180L Pop Up Timers For Turkey 100/PACK
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Product Information

180L Turkey Pop Up Timers 100/box

For preparation perfection these Turkey Pop-Up Timers are the answer.

These pop up timers eliminate guesswork in accurately measuring temperatures and indicating 'doneness', therefore reducing risk and increasing safety.

This model activates at 82°C/180°F

Suitable for turkeys up to 10.5kg/24lbs

Each timer is a single-use cooking meter which measures the precise internal temperature which assures you that your food is cooked safely and at proper temperatures eliminating any guess work! Simply put the timer into the right or the left of the breast bone on your product BEFORE cooking and leave the timer until the coloured head pops up! (ENSURE THE TIMER DOES NOT TOUCH ANY BONE)

  • These timers are suitable for Turkeys up to 24lbs.
  • These 180L pop-up timers will activate between 175 - 180 degrees F
  • These timers are also suitable for the following joints:
    - Roast pork - 4-8lbs,
    - Beef - Medium to well 7-10lbs.

Many butchers, delis, farm shops, etc give individual popup timers away for free when they sell a turkey. This added bonus will show your customers that you care. This freebie will give your customers confidence in purchasing from you, rather than the supermarket.

The pop-up timer is easy to insert into any product. It adds value to meat products and ensures repeat sales and customer satisfaction.

The Pop Up® disposable cooking thermometer is the most accurate temperature indicator of its type in the world. Using patented organic firing mediums, the Pop Up® accurately indicates (within + or - 2°F) when poultry, meat, and fish items have reached their optimum level of doneness, thus eliminating the guesswork and assuring a perfectly cooked product each and every time. Volk Enterprises has a Pop Up® to fit just about any type of food item.


Accurate Temperature Measurement
• Every Pop Up® is calibrated to activate within + or - 2°F of a precise temperature ranging from 125°F to 203°F. Both foodservice and novice home cooks can prepare meats, poultry, and fish to perfection.

Improves Product Quality and Consistency
• By accurately gauging and indicating when a food item has reached its optimum internal temperature, the cook can be assured that their meal has been cooked properly each and every time.

Improves Food Safety
• The Pop Up® disposable cooking thermometer accurately determines the optimum temperature for cooking and serving meats, poultry, and seafood, thus assuring the cook that their food item has reached a food-safe temperature.

Easy to Insert
• The Pop Up® disposable cooking thermometer is easy to insert into any product. The ease of use makes it simple to add value to your product, ensuring repeat sales and increased customer satisfaction.

• The Pop Up® disposable cooking thermometer is available in a wide range of temperatures and is a perfect fit for a variety of food applications.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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