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Maple Wood Butchers Block 72 X 30 X 7 Inches

Product Code: PAMB72307

Maple Wood Butchers Block 72 X 30 X 7 Inches


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Product Information

Manufactured in the UK by S J H Row, these maple butcher blocks set the standard for quality and suitability to the UK and Irish market.

Carefully handcrafted in a custom built factory, you will be delivered a "Rolls-Royce" block made out of finest Canadian rock maple wood and prepared with a moisture content level to suit the typical temperature and environment of a butcher shop in our climatic zone.

Advantages of a Butchers Block:

• Heavy duty chopping blocks
• Solid, firm and hard-wearing
• Wooden chopping boards are much more hygienic
• Extremely durable but also germ-free
• Natural and antibacterial surface of the wood
• Cleaning the cutting board is very easy
• Blocks much firmer than chopping boards
• Lasts for years! The cutting surface of the chopping board will remain beautiful and even for a long time

Meats require quartering, deboning, chopping and filleting, which require a larger working surface that is also sturdy enough to stay in place and not be damaged - a Butchers Block is what you need.

What happens after you have placed your order for a Butchers Block?

It is important that the timber used for your block has the right moisture content for the environment the block will be sited in.

After you place your order ScobiesDirect will contact you - it is our job to make sure the new block is built with the elements below taken into account. :
  • Normal butchers shop
  • Supermarket
  • Commercial kitchen
  • Damp environment
  • Warm environment
  • Air conditioned environment
By advising us where you will be using your block, it ensures you get the right block for the right location. Every block is sent with care instructions.

Recommendation from an end user:

Looking after your block:

To cater for wear and tear on the block, it is recommended that it is rotated weekly and turned over monthly. This size of block weighs approx 50kg.

Clean daily with a wire brush or a block scraper, then use a cloth + sanitiser. Dry cloth first, do not use a lot of water on the block, since it is very absorbent.

This procedure can be documented as part of your HACCP plan and is easily demonstrable during any audits.

Every block is sent with care instructions. Below you will find a video and advice on cleaning your block on a daily, weekly and monthly basis:

Short lead time for this size, normally available ex stock.

Please note: The stand for this block is sold separately

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Maple Wood Butchers Block 72 X 30 X 7 InchesFood Contact Certificate