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165L Pop Up Timers 100/PACK

Product Code: PA01163L

165L Pop Up Timers 100/PACK
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165L Pop Up Timers 100/PACK
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Product Information

165L Turkey Pop Up Timers 100 Per Box

For preparation perfection these disposable pop-up timers are the answer.

These pop up timers eliminate guesswork in accurately measuring temperatures and indicating 'doneness', therefore reducing risk and increasing safety.

This model activates at 73℃/160-165℉.

Each timer is a single-use cooking meter which measures the precise internal temperature which assures you that your food is cooked safely and at proper temperatures eliminating any guess work! Simply place the timer into the centre of your meat BEFORE cooking and leave the timer until the coloured head pops up! (ENSURE THE TIMER DOES NOT TOUCH ANY BONE)

  • These timers are suitable for beef (up to 5 kilos), whole chickens, turkey fillets (up to 3 kilos), veal, meatloaf and roast pork.
  • Once meat has reached a temperature of 73 degrees, the blue pin will pop up.

Specially for ham joints on the bone and whole chickens

These large pop-up timers have been specially developed to ensure ham joints on the bone or whole chickens are cooked to perfection. By measuring core temperatures up to 73 degrees Celsius these thermometers enable you to serve ham and chicken that is perfectly cooked yet still deliciously moist.

Many butchers, delis, farm shops, etc give individual popup timers away for free when they sell a turkey. This added bonus will show your customers that you care. This freebie will give your customers confidence in purchasing from you, rather than the supermarket.

The pop-up timer is easy to insert into any product. It adds value to meat products and ensures repeat sales and customer satisfaction.

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