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Magic Box 20 Spikomat Grillstick & Kebab Maker

Product Code: MS0004520

Magic Box 20 Spikomat Grillstick & Kebab Maker
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Magic Box 20 Spikomat Grillstick & Kebab Maker
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Product Information

Designed by Spikomat, the Magic Box will quickly form any seasoned minced (ground) meat onto skewers.

Suitable for Beef, Pork, Lamb or Chicken the weight per skewer can be changed by adding or reducing the quantity of meat mixture placed in the box.

Constructed from 304 grade stainless steel the box can be completely dismantled for ease of cleaning.

This model produces 20 skewers with additional forming plate sets available to change the profile of the Kebab.

How to make Grillsticks with the Magic 20

1. Place your sausage or burger mix of choice in the larger outer casing and flatten it down.
2. Place the white guide plate on top of the inner box, and place the outer casing with mince mix above then slide on to the inner.
3. Push down gently until the mince mix meets the top of the box.
4. Poke a skewer into each formed grillstick/kebab and until it meets the hole in the white guide plate.
5. Press down on the handles to form the grillsticks/kebabs.
6. Roll them in glaze or marinade of choice.
7. Do it again because you'll never make enough!! 😎

Compatible with:
3.0 x 200mm - SKBAM200-3
3.0 x 180mm - SKBAM180-3

Product Specifications & Additional Info