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Tape Dispenser Gun

Product Code: MP31000

Tape Dispenser Gun
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Tape Dispenser Gun
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Product Information


This tape dispenser is an essential tool used for packaging and warehouse operations. The versatile dispenser lets you tack, roll, buff and cut tape in a single fluid motion, for efficient packing.

It's suitable for use with standard-sized tape rolls with a width of 48mm, commonly used for sealing packaging.

The ergonomic design allows the user to quickly and efficiently seal packed boxes one handed, whilst reducing unnecessary waste of packing tape.

This tape gun features an adjustable tape brake that allows you to set tension and unwind to suit your needs. This tape gun also features a replaceable cutting blade that allows you to cut the tape roll with precision and ease.

Features and benefits:

- Ergonomic grip for quick and easy sealing
- Compatible with standard 48mm wide packing tape
- Adjustable brake
- Durable and reliable plastic roller

Common applications for a tape gun:

Tape dispensers, also known as tape dispenser guns, are commonly used in warehouse environments and production lines that require packing operations. They are also used by postal services and can be used in the home environment for example when moving house.

What is a tape dispenser?

A tape dispenser is a device used to load and cut sellotape with ease. They range in sizes and designs to suit the application, but they all provide a quick and easy solution to dispensing tape with minimal waste whilst saving time and effort, especially when packing large quantities. A sellotape dispenser can be fitted with a variety of sticky tapes such as clear tape, brown parcel tape, heavy duty tape, office tape and more.

Product Specifications & Additional Info