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Yakiniku BBQ Sauce 2KG Bottle

Product Code: NS21585
Yakiniku BBQ Sauce 2KG BottleYakiniku BBQ Sauce 2KG Bottle
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Yakiniku BBQ Sauce 2KG Bottle
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Product Information

Yakiniku 焼肉 Japanese Grilling Sauce

The word Yakiniku is comprised of 焼 = “to grill” and 肉 = “meat”, therefore literally translating to grilled meat.

This Japanese sauce has a deep and 'moreish' flavour, and is made from a combination of garlic, chilli, mustard, pepper and fruit juice. Ideal for grilling, frying or barbecuing.

In Japan, Yakiniku restaurants are a common sight. You order your cut of meat or seafood and cook it yourself on your personal grill. The cooked meat is then dipped in Yakiniku sauce and eaten. At home, the Japanese commonly use the sauce to marinade meat to get that flavourful grilled taste.

Just use a 20% - 30% ratio to ingredients

  • Authentic Japanese BBQ sauce
  • Perfect balance of sweet and spicy
  • Unique taste from ingredients including: garlic, mustard, chilli, pepper and apple juice
  • The apple juice gives this sauce a slight tenderising effect, ideal for tougher meats
  • Easy to use. Great as a marinade or finishing sauce.
  • Perfect for flavourful meats like beef, lamb and pork.

Samples menus: Yakiniku Lamb Chops, Yakiniku Sirloin, Yakiniku pork chops.


Example recipe with Yakiniku sauce - The 'Genghis Khan':

Made with Yakinku sauce, 'The Genghis Khan' is a tasty value-added recipe. If it's good enough for the greatest warrior ever, then it's good enough for your customers.

Don't forget to order your Aluminium Trays and Sauce Pots for this recipe dish.

Have a look at some recipe/display ideas by clicking on the image below or by clicking here

After opening sauce bottle: Use within 4 weeks and keep refrigerated.


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