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Alu Black/Silver Tray 214X142X45 1000CC 320/BOX

Product Code: VA45HC

Alu Black/Silver Tray 214X142X45 1000CC 320/BOX
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Alu Black/Silver Tray 214X142X45 1000CC 320/BOX
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Product Information

Compac smoothwall aluminium containers, manufactured from lacquered foil, are thermo-sealable and constitute an essential element of the COMPAC SYSTEM together with the tray sealers and the sealing film reels.

Smooth wall aluminium tray dimensions 214 x 142 x 45 mm, supplied in boxes of 320.

Aluminium colour inside and black outside to enhance your product presentation.

Important note - These trays will only seal to the new universal film - see below

And will not fit into earlier C1,C2,C3 sealers. Designed to fit new C1 and C2H tray sealers.

Technical Properties:

• suitable for pasteurisation and sterilization
• excellent resistance to aggressive chemical agents, and organic and inorganic substances (including oil, fat, high salt or acid content etc...)
• excellent physiological behaviour (odourless, flavourless)
• providing the best possible barrier to gas for food with a long shelf life
• ideal for ready to cook products and for reheating in microwave oven and traditional oven up to +200° C for 60 minutes
• a sealable roasting pan: suitable for cooking food at a maximum temperature of 200°C for 60 minutes, the container can be sealed straight after
• suitable for frozen food
• can go directly from the freezer to the oven

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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