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Sorba Freeze 60M Roll 2 Rolls / Box

Product Code: SF908

Sorba Freeze 60M Roll 2 Rolls / Box
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Sorba Freeze 60M Roll 2 Rolls / Box
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Product Information

Each roll contains 4,800 cells. Each cell has capacity of 40g .

Sheet Dimensions: 28cm x 26.5cm

Roll info:
Width: 41cm x Length: 60m

What is Sorba-Freeze and how does it work?
Sorba-freeze Refrigerent Pads are made from a non-woven polyester fabric and silver laminate. Inside each cell is an acrylate polymer powder which is capable of absorbing liquid up to 150 times its own weight.

Sorba-freeze continues to control temperature even above 2ºC and it is extremely easy and safe to handle.

Scientifically Proven
Independent Scientific evidence shows that Sorbafreeze refrigerant pads will maintain the temperature of your products well below 8°C for up to 48 hours when shipped via courier or post.

Sorba-freeze is proven to perform twice as well as gel packs and 50% better than flake ice.

How To Use Them? See the Easy to Use 4 simple steps below:

One - Tear off exactly what you need from the roll or sheet.

Two - Immerse in fresh water for at least 20 minutes.

Three - Remove and allow to dry for 2 minutes or towel dry.

Four - Place in freezer until solid.If freezing more than one pad, ensure the pads are dry before stacking and always stack laminate to fabric.

Long lasting temperature control
One of the main benefits of Sorba-freeze is its ability to be placed exactly where you want it. You can use it in direct contact with food or wrap it around the products. This not only controls the temperature but offers protection.

For longer transit times, place an additional refrigerent sheet underneath and on top of the products and for best results cover the total surface.

A major supplier to the food industry
Sorba-FreezeLtd has been a major supplier to the UK food industry since 1991 and has many overseas customers from a wide variety of businesses.

Customers include:
  • Mail Order Companies
  • Meat Companies
  • Salmon Exporters
  • Prawn Exporters
  • Game Exporters
  • Cheese Wholesalers
  • Farm Shops
  • Hamper Companies
  • Delicatessen Suppliers
  • Brewery Suppliers

Caution Freezing Pads below -15ºC may burn uncovered skin

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Sorba Freeze 60M Roll 2 Rolls / BoxSpec Sheet
Sorba Freeze 60M Roll 2 Rolls / Box Quality CertificateQuality Certificate
Sorba Freeze 60M Roll 2 Rolls / BoxFood Contact Certificate