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Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 Blue Tint 500 / Box

Product Code: SC65300400B

Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 Blue Tint 500 / Box
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Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 Blue Tint 500 / Box
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Product Information

The Scoflex range of high barrier pouches for vacuum packaging is ideal for Half cooked ham, bacon (approx 5lb) and all standard vacuum applications. Blue tint is often preferred as an additional control in a HACCP environment.

These pouches are manufactured from advanced resins giving the following characteristics; Freezeable, Sterilizable and have excellent Mechanical properties while meeting environmental challenges.

Suitable for cooking up to 85C. For cooking applications requiring higher temperatures, we strongly recommend that you conduct your own trials, since product, cooking time and temperatures vary across applications and you need to be sure that the pouch will work for your application. Our no-quibble returns guarantee policy protects you if the pouch is not suitable for your cooking application.

This pouch is 300 x 400 mm, 11.8 x 15.7 inches approximately and is supplied boxed in a quantity of 1000.

Packed with separators around each lot of 100 pouches and enclosed in a liner within the box for extra protection.

Construction : PA/PA/PE - nylon on outside can be advantageous to avoid pouches sticking together

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 Blue Tint 500 / BoxSpec Sheet