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Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 1000 Per Box

Product Code: SC65300400

Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 1000 Per Box
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Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 1000 Per Box
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Product Information

Our range of 65 micron vacuum pouches are a little thicker than the 60 micron and therefore suitable for slightly bigger bags.

The 65 micron vacuum pouches use the latest technology.

Ideal for one big joint or a few small sized joints they can be used up to a maximum temperature of 85oC.

These pouches are suitable for use in the microwave and can be put in the freezer.

Dimensions (Width x Length)
300mm x 400mm

Box Quantity


Vacuum packing is the process of removing air from around food products. Our vacuum bags ensure that taste, flavour, colour, aroma and nutritional values are maintained whilst preventing the oxygen in the air from spoiling the product.

Our vacuum pouches are made in 7 and 9 multilayer structures of PA/PE (nylon and polyethylene). This gives a higher barrier suitable for UK and Irish meat and cheese markets.

Keep your food fresh and flavourful while safeguarding it from spoilage and contamination. Using a Scobies vacuum bag will provide unparalleled product protection, ensuring optimal food quality and safety throughout the supply chain. These high-performance bags are designed to shield against physical, chemical, and microbiological spoilage, establishing the industry benchmark for packaging a variety of perishable foods.

The Scobies vacuum bags provide an oxygen barrier and moisture control - Keeping out oxygen and maintains optimal moisture levels to preserve freshness.

Features & Benefits:
  • Required Machine: Vacuum pouches designed for use with vacuum chamber and industrial vacuum sealer machines.
  • Material Strength: Crafted from co-extruded material, these pouches provide robust strength and superior protection against air and moisture.
  • Specifications: Available in 65 micron (?5%) thickness, with various sizes to accommodate a broad range of vacuum machines.
  • Durability and Clarity: High clarity material that performs well in cold temperatures. Certified food-grade quality, also appropriate for medical industry use.
  • Important Note: These pouches are smooth and not embossed, making them incompatible with embossed vacuum sealer machines.
How to use? :

Our selection of vacuum pouches is perfectly suited for our range of vacuum machines. To use, simply insert your product into one of these specially crafted vacuum bags, then place it in the vacuum machine (with the open end of the vacuum bag hanging outside the lip of the vacuum packer machine sealer). Vacuum packing involves removing the air from the package before sealing, effectively preserving the contents.

These vacuum pouches are also known as vacuum bags, or barrier packaging and are ideal for perishable items. They are made from a co-extruded nylon/polyethylene material (7 and 9 multilayer PA/PE) that offers excellent protection against oxygen, which can degrade food and sensitive metal parts. By preventing oxygen from entering the bags, vacuum packing inhibits bacterial growth and corrosion. The pouches feature high clarity, making them great for retail display, and are cold-resistant, ensuring they maintain their seal when refrigerated. Vacuum pouches are an excellent choice for shielding products from dust, moisture, and other harmful external factors.

Our vacuum pouches are 65 microns thick, providing burst-resistant and reliable packaging. This thickness is the industry standard for vacuum packaging. Available in a variety of sizes, these pouches can accommodate small to medium-sized products. To find the best fit for your operation, check the effective seal width or chamber size of your vacuum machine.

Please note this item includes UK Government Plastic Packaging Tax, introduced from April 2022.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Vacuum Pouch 300 X 400 1000 Per BoxSpec Sheet

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