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Superlite Pads Black 75X120MM 4000/BOX 3000GSM

Product Code: MPSL75120B

Superlite Pads Black 75X120MM 4000/BOX 3000GSM
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Superlite Pads Black 75X120MM 4000/BOX 3000GSM
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Product Information

SuperCore Meat Pads

Liquid absorption is achieved through the patented Micro-pore technology and the exposed edges of the pads.

Meat pads improve your product!
  • Hygienic: hinders the growth of microbes
  • Functional: absorption and retention also in tilted positions
  • Aesthetic: available in black or white/li>
Size: 75mm X 120mm (2.95 inches x 4.73 inches)
Colour: Black

New SuperCore® absorbent cores contain only absorbent materials.

Due to the patented manufacturing technology SuperCore® meat saver pads are free of adhesives and binders.

This allows Supercore® to achieve impressive absorption and liquid distribution. But let the numbers convince you: we can deliver up to 30% higher absorbency than other absorbent cores.

  • Cellulose-based airlaid core, free of adhesive and binding agents
  • Patented production technology
  • High absorbency even under pressure
  • Excellent fluid dispersion in the airlaid
  • minimized material thickness
  • Secure retention
  • Up to 30% more absorbent capacity than other pads

  • Highly effective absorbency for clean, safe and efficient meat, poultry & fish display, storage & transportation
  • Enhances the appearance & optimises the sale price of the meat, poultry & fish
  • Reduces odour & locks in moisture
  • Get exactly the right absorbency you need for the product packed
  • Highly effective, low cost absorbency
  • Easy handling
  • Excellent appearance to provide cost-effective absorption

Technical Data Meatpad (MP):
The Absorption performance is defined in ml/m2

  • MP-1500 and higher
    (Medium to high volumes)
    Increased Absorption through superabsorbent fibres (SAF) .

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Superlite Pads Black 75X120MM 4000/BOX 3000GSMSpec Sheet
Superlite Pads Black 75X120MM 4000/BOX 3000GSMItem MSDS

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