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Apet Clear Tray 260 X 190 X 85 250/CASE

Product Code: GB85MTH

Apet Clear Tray 260 X 190 X 85 250/CASE
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Apet Clear Tray 260 X 190 X 85 250/CASE
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Product Information

Clear Apet Tray suitable for C2, and C3 Compac tray lidding machine

Dimensions: 260 x 190 x 85mm

Suitable for:
- Fresh or Ready to Eat foods
- Salads, fruits, veg
- Ready to Eat Meats
- Ideal for fresh produce

Not Suitable for:
- Cooking
- Hot filling

Yes, can be frozen

Trays / Vessels transparent (APET).
You can not use in microwave or traditional oven. Do not use the container to heat food to a temperature higher than +65℃.

You can freeze food in the container until the minimum temperature of -40℃.

Our containers in APET (amorphous polyethylene terephthalate) are used mainly for food products requiring excellent visibility clarity.

These are usually fruits, salads, delicatessen, processed meat, snacks, etc.

The trays in APET are thermo-sealable and are a paramount element of the COMPAC SYSTEM together with the tray sealers and the sealing film reels.

The trays in APET can be used for packing food in modified atmosphere (MAP).

The temperature range of usage is from -40℃ to +70℃.

Technical properties of our containers:

  • excellent clarity;

  • high elasticity which make them safe from breakage during handling and transport;

  • excellent resistance to aggressive chemical agents, to organic and inorganic substances (including oil, fat, etc) and an excellent physiological behaviour (odourless, flavourless);

  • high barrier to food grade gases;

  • suitable for frozen food down to a minimum temperature of -40℃.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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