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Dry Age Beef Vacuum Bags 250X400 50 Per Pack

Product Code: DAB250400

Dry Age Beef Vacuum Bags 250X400  50 Per Pack
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Dry Age Beef Vacuum Bags 250X400  50 Per Pack
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Product Information

Dry ageing beef bags employ a specially formulated combination of polymers which create a single layer material that is both moisture - and oxygen - permeable, very much like a membrane.

Fragile when first sealed, the dry ageing beef bag will form a bond with the moist proteins on the surface of the meat within the first several days.

Once bonded, it provides the protection against off flavours and contamination, allowing you to dry age in any commercial refrigeration unit without the need for UV lighting or specialised humidity control.

Although the bag itself It is not a vacuum material it is possible and preferred to Vacuum Pack the Meat inside and create a perfect bond. This method does NOT pose the same risk of anaerobic bacterial growth like in other methods.

The main benefits of Dry Ageing Beef are:
  • Reduce waste during the dry aging process
  • Mouth-watering concentrated flavour,
  • Extreme tenderness of the finished product
  • Beautiful marbled appearance (especially on Sirloins and Rib-Eyes).
  • Meat can also be smoked through the dry ageing bag.

Less Trimming = Less Waste: between 5-10% less trimming than standard dry aging depending on time used.

Also, dry age bags offer protection against off flavours and contamination, allowing you to dry age in any commercial refrigeration unit without the need for UV lighting or specialised humidity control.

Dimensions (Width x Length)
250 x 400

Quantity Per Pack

Click HERE to view: Dry Aging of Beef - How to use the Tub-Ex Tublin 10 bag

*** Tublin & QCP Brand ***

These Dry Age Bags are from the Tublin & QCP brand - which is known for its high quality, which provides the following benefits:
  • Tenderness - Natural enzymatic activities improves tenderness during safe Tublin curing and drying.
  • Flavours - Natural meat flavours improve during safe Tublin curing and drying.
  • Curing - Dry curing is easy when Tublin ensures a microclimate per product. Ensuring minimum yield loss & improved safety.
  • Safety - Cross contamination is eliminated during Drying/Curing as Tublin ensures a microclimate and microbiological safe environment per product.
  • Process - Drying and yield optimization is improved. As Tublin ensures equal drying for every product - due to it's special water transmission membrane properties.
  • Value - Standard Meat qualities easily upgrades to premium quality. When using Tublin QCP technology.

To use, simply follow the below steps:
  • Place the meat in the bag, taking care not to contaminate the seal area. (Rolling the opening of the pouch back can help here)
  • Leave about 12cm between the seal and the meat. If there is much more than this, use a smaller bag, or trim the one you have.
  • Place in the vac packer, and draw a light vacuum
  • If you are using a chamber less vacuum packer, place a Vacuum Strip (DABSTRIPS ) inside the pouch, across where the seal will be, i.e. it will be trapped in the seal.
  • Check the seal is good, and there are no leaks
  • Place the packed meat on a rack in a well ventilated fridge
  • During the first 5 days, a bond will form between the meat and the bag. The meat will darken and look sticky.
  • For beef, we suggest between 25 and 30 days
  • When ready, remove the meat from the bag, and trim off any fat/crust if preferred. This is for visual appeal only, it can be eaten if desired.

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Dry Aging History

Dry aged beef was the early days norm. Beef carcasses were allowed to hang in a locker for a few weeks after slaughter to become more tender and flavourful. During dry-aging, moisture evaporates from the muscle creating a mature beef flavour. The meat's natural enzymes break down the fibrous, connective tissue in the muscle thereby tenderizing it.

While traditional 'dry world' aging practices have a positive impact on flavour and tenderness, today this process require specialized facilities to maintain modern requirements for food safety and consistent quality.

The 'wet world' came with advances in plastics and vacuum packaging. (Cryovac) In today's modern processing plants, the carcass is broken down and vacuum-sealed in moisture impermeable bags. Beef can be "wet aged" in a vacuum-sealed bag in its own juices for improved tenderness, but it will be missing the characteristic dry aged depth of flavor and rich texture.

Tublin QCP technology allows beef to age and still achieve the same bold, beefy flavour and tender texture as traditional open-air dry aging. Plus it is foodsafe!


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Product Specifications & Additional Info

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