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BG12 Waxed Boneguard 300MM X 92MTRS 2ROLL/BOX

Product Code: BG1230092

BG12 Waxed Boneguard 300MM X 92MTRS 2ROLL/BOX
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BG12 Waxed Boneguard 300MM X 92MTRS 2ROLL/BOX
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Product Information

Wax impregnated bone protection
Traditional wax impregnated cloth, still widely used across the meat industry. Providing excellent puncture protection when vacuum packed. Wax impregnated cloth specifically designed for the protection of bone in vacuum packed meat cuts.

BG12 is a cost effective option for light to medium applications such as Turkey Crowns and Carvery Ribs.

BG12 is our entry level bone protection made from non woven Polyproplene film with a bursting strength of 280 DaN.

Supplied as a 300mm X 92 metres on a roll, simply cut the amount required for each use.

The product can be moulded around meat to prevent puncture, and can be removed without leaving a trace on the meat.

Targeted protection, by applying only where it is needed, this removes the need for thicker pouches.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

BG12 Waxed Boneguard 300MM X 92MTRS 2ROLL/BOXSpec Sheet