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BB60 Half Gastro Pp Tray Black 200 Per Pack

Product Code: BB60

BB60 Half Gastro Pp Tray Black 200 Per Pack
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BB60 Half Gastro Pp Tray Black 200 Per Pack
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Product Information

Half gastro is an industry standard for size 325mm x 263mm trays.

Size: 325 x 263 x 60mm, 750mic PP

These trays have a variety of uses for volume product sales or product storage.

PP = Polypropylene Trays

For example, they are popular when using to provide meat cuts to the public e.g. BBQ supplies, or for when transporting meat/food products to hospitals, hotels, pubs, etc from a catering butcher.

  1. Is it food safe? Single use or multiple use? Yes it is food safe and it is single use
  2. Can it be heated, for rewarming food? Yes, it can. Microwave only though.
  3. Can you freeze it? Yes, you can freeze it.

ScobiesDirect supply 3 Half Gastro Trays - all have the same footprint but different depths:

Suggested packing ideas:


Chicken Thighs, Chicken Kebabs, Chicken Wings:

Chicken Breasts:

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