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BB45 Half Gastro Pp Tray Black 280 Per Pack

Product Code: BB45

BB45 Half Gastro Pp Tray Black 280 Per Pack
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36.8p per Tray

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BB45 Half Gastro Pp Tray Black 280 Per Pack
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Product Information

Half Gastro containers are perfect for bulk selling, bulk storage or as a large BBQ tray.

These can be over wrapped, or have a PP film heat sealed to them with the appropriate machinery.

Please Note: ScobiesDirect does not supply a tray sealing machine for this size of Gastro Tray

Dimensions to Outside Of Lip (Length x Width x Height)
325mm x 263mm x 45mm

  • Cut to be concentric and clean - no angel hairs
  • No sharp notches on cut edge
  • Material distribution as even as possible over walls and base
  • Easily de-nested with minimum separation required
  • Stacked horizontally in bags
Box Quantity

For Overwrapping For Counter Display For Overwrapping For Storage

Please note this item includes UK Government Plastic Packaging Tax, introduced from April 2022.

Product Specifications & Additional Info