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Aluminium Smoothwall Tray 265 X 165 X 75MM 2371CC

Product Code: AS22237101/270

Aluminium Smoothwall Tray 265 X 165 X 75MM 2371CC
Aluminium Smoothwall Tray 265 X 165 X 75MM 2371CCAluminium Smoothwall Tray 265 X 165 X 75MM 2371CC
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Aluminium Smoothwall Tray 265 X 165 X 75MM 2371CC
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Product Information

Aluminium Smoothwall Tray WW37 2371CC 200/BOX

Aluminium Smoothwall containers are perfect for convenience meals, desserts and high-quality roasting meats.

They can go straight in the oven or microwave, with the film removed, and create no mess.

They can be over wrapped, or have a film heat sealed to them with the appropriate machinery.

Dimensions to Outside Of Lip (Length x Width)
265mm x 165mm

Dimensions to Inside Of Lip (Length x Width)
247mm x 147mm

Dimensions to Inside Of Base (Length x Width)
231mm x 131mm



Box Quantity

Smoothwall foil trays are made of high quality aluminium that is the perfect solution for ready meals, high-quality roasting meats, baked products and raw meat or marinated offerings.

They remain rigid in the oven, are 100% recyclable and offer high levels of heat resistance.

Thanks to their design, the Smoothwall containers have enhanced strength and durability, which allows the packaging weight to be reduce which helps the environment.

The smooth rim surface allows for film lidding giving a sealed, leak-proof product.

Recycle Status:
This tray is 100% recyclable, so every bit of aluminium can be reused if it is sent to be recycled. Aluminium is infinitely recyclable - meaning it can be recycled endlessly without losing any of its quality.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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