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Nitta Collagen Casings
Grandfather of collagen sausage casings
Nitta SuperFry PLUS casing is the complete solution for all sausage applications, including freezing, deep fat frying, grilling and oven cooking.

Visit the manufacturers website at www.nittacasings.com

 Nitta Butcher Pack!!

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Available in 4 diameters >>

Easy Chart for Selecting Your Nitta Collagen Casing
Stuffing Diameter
Horn Size (mm) Sausages
Per lb
  Nitta Sausages
Cocktail/Chipolata 21 11 - 12 16 View 21's
Breakfast Sausage 23 12 12 View 23's
26 14 - 15 10 View 26's
28 16 - 17 8 View 28's

Sizes and weights above are guidelines and therefore approximate.
All collagen casings available in either individual caddys, or cases (4 caddies per case).

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