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Bench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MM

Product Code: V22XWE15T

Bench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MM
Bench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MMBench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MMBench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MMBench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MMBench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MMBench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MMBench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MM
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Bench Scale 15KG Stainless Steel 190X242MM
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Product Information

OHAUS STAINLESS STEEL SCALE - For weighing items up to 15Kg

Reliable Food-Safe Bench Scale

With a food-safe design that is NSF certified, this scale is a reliable choice for general food weighing, displaying in both ounces, pounds and kilos.

The perfect butcher scales for any food business. These butcher shop scales are a must for weighing meat - these will do the job accurately.

Easy-to-operate, the scales feature two-button operation, large backlit LCD display and up to 1,500-hour battery life.

Durable & Robust
This food processing scale that enhances safety, efficiency, and productivity even in harsh environments! The Valor 2000 are compact bench scales which are water resistant, with food safety and puncture resistant keypads combing speed and durability. Stainless Steel housing with stainless steel pan, carry handles.

Water Resistant
Safe to use in the weighing of liquids and in wet environments. Its flowthru design channels fluids that may enter the housing through strategically located drain holes, ensuring the scale remains clean and operational. IPX68 rated - which means it is fully resistant to water - so you can jet wash it if you want!

Dual Displays
Large Dual Displays Allows More than One Operator to Easily Work on Valor 2000. With less than half a second stabilization time and front and rear LED displays, multiple operators can efficiently utilize one scale for the same job. LCD with white backlight.

Knife Proof Keypad
The Valor 2000 is constructed with highly durable 0.5 mm thick polycarbonate keypad which is impact and puncture resistant. Its smooth glossy surfaces easily repel stains, moisture, corrosive fluids and food contaminants, and stainless steel models offer an extra layer of protection.

Fast Display Speed
The Valor 2000 display results in less than half a second, but with its front and back displays, which means more than one operator can use the scale for the same job - front & rear, truly bolstering productivity.

Simple Operation with largest LED display
Designed with the basic weighing needs of the food industry in mind. The LED display window is 20.5mm high, which is bigger than most competitive products. Easy to setup and operate. Intuitive two-button operation allows for quick weight checking to simplify repetitive operation.

Non-Slip Levelling Feet
Large fully rubberized feet are located at extreme corners of the scale to ensure a wide stance and surface resistance that minimizes the risk of the scale sliding or falling off smooth surfaces. The rubber of the feet extends to the shaft that ensures no grooves are exposed when fully extended; a design that passes NSF standards.

Easy-Clean, Hygienic Design
NSF-listed design supports HACCP systems with durable stainless steel housing and removable stainless steel pan, making this scale suitable for food preparation and portioning applications.

Power and Portability
The 100-240 VAC universal power adapter can be operated from virtually any power source and can automatically switch to adapt to different power and voltage lines. Low Power Consumption Design Promotes Continuous Use. Save money on batteries. Energy-efficient design operates for up to 1,500 hours.

Prefer to use batteries to power your scales?
When plugging in your machine is not an option, the built-in, rechargeable lead acid battery will provide power for 50 continuous hours, ensuring uninterrupted operation for more than a full work week! (Batteries have to be purchased separately).

Adapter connection cover underneath the scale is spring loaded to ensure the power receptacle is protected from the ingress of moisture, especially when the scale is washed down. D-cell alkaline battery or power adapter (optional)