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Sheerline 5" 125MM Burger 100G (4OZ) and 150G (6OZ)

Product Code: SM10501

Sheerline 5" 125MM Burger 100G (4OZ) and 150G (6OZ)
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Sheerline 5" 125MM Burger 100G (4OZ) and 150G (6OZ)
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Product Information

The Sheerline burger unit is constructed to a high standard with a combination of stainless steel and perspex. The burger machine can be attached to a wide variety of sausage fillers by using a special adapter which uses the sausage fillers locking ring.

The burger machine is capable of producing up to 1500 burgers per hour with the choice of either 4" or 5" diameters. Each burger machine comes with a couple of different thickness plates which alter the weight of the burgers formed.

The 4" (92mm) burger machine comes with plates capable of producing a 2oz (50g) and also a 4oz (100g) burger.

The burger meat is pushed out of the sausage filler through where the nozzles are usually placed and into the burger machine. The burger meat is passes into the chamber that forms the burgers size and shape and the manual lever is moved ontop of the burger machine which in turn moves the disks round and pops the burger out of the bottom of the machine.

Key Features
  • Makes traditional looking burgers
  • Can produce up to 1500 burgers per hour
  • Can be altered to fit almost any sausage filler
  • Two sizes available 4" (92mm) or 5" (125mm)
  • Each size can produce two different weights

Product Specifications & Additional Info