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Rex Burger Machine Ufm 300-5

Product Code: REXUFM300-5

Rex Burger Machine Ufm 300-5
Rex Burger Machine Ufm 300-5Rex Burger Machine Ufm 300-5Rex Burger Machine Ufm 300-5Rex Burger Machine Ufm 300-5
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Rex Burger Machine Ufm 300-5
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Product Information

UFM 300-5 - for the perfect "Home-made" burger

The new UFM 300-5 hamburger shaper is the optimal machine based solution for producing hamburgers using the low-pressure process. The pneumatic form cutter directly linked to the REX filing machine cuts the portions, which are placed on the conveyor belt. The portions are then pressed into perfect "home made" burgers via the form belt with optimal dimensional stability.

The water spraying unit prevents the product sticking to the blade or conveyor belts.

The REX UFM300-5 burger forming machine is the ideal forming machine for all fresh and convenience food products. The REX UFM300-5 burger machine can be attached to any REX Vacuum filler and with the additional of a special adapter can also be connected to most other makes of vacuum filler.

The REX UFM300-5 burger former is the optimal machine based solution for producing hamburgers using low-pressure process. The pneumatic form cutter of the burger machine is directly linked to the REX filling machine and cuts the portions, which are placed on the conveyor belt. The portions are then pressed into perfect 'homemade burgers' via the forming belt attached above the standard conveyor belt. This gives optimal dimensional stability.

  • Portions per minute Up to max 150 (depending on size)
  • Burger Sizes 50 to 100mm (fixed) in 10mm increments
  • Conveyor Belt Size 1260 x 320mm
  • Supply Voltage 230V + PE
  • Compressed Air Consumption 2m3h, 6 bar
  • Water Consumption 0.5l/min
  • Net Weight 260kg
  • Optional Extras Texture roller, UV sterilisation, adapter to attached to other brand vacuum filler
  • Other required products Vacuum filler, compressed air

The REX burger machine has a water spraying unit that can also be used with food grade oils and prevents the product sticking to the blade or the conveyor belts. The optional texture roller is fitted at the end of the conveyor system and structures the burger surface as it passes underneath.

A further option on the REX burger former is UV sterilisation for the FB100 conveyor belt, this guarantees the highest possible level of bacterial eradication thus enhancing hygiene standards, giving the burger machine suitability in high risk environments.


The following steps below explain how a medium sized operation uses their Rex machine - whether it's sausages, black puddings, burgers, or all three that they make...

STEP 01: Mincing and Mixing
To start with, we will need a mixer grinder. For most medium operations, the MWK32-80 is good. It has an 80 ltr hopper. The model below has a 45 ltr, and the model above has a 120 ltr hopper. This machine has 2 modes, mincing (grinding) and mixing. The meat is sent through in mincing mode first, then put back into the hopper. The machine is put into mixing mode, and the rest of the ingredients (rusk, water, seasoning etc) added. When mixing is finished, the product is discharged back through the mincing plate.

STEP 02: Portioning
- one of the core functions of a Rex Machine is to output specific food portions (to a specific size/weight)

The mix is then tipped into the vacuum filler. This can be done manually, or with a bin tipper for larger operations.

The most popular Vacuum Filler is the RVF327. It has a 100 ltr open hopper so at about 20 ltrs left, we can tip the 80 ltrs from the MWK32-80 mixer grinder to bring us back ups the 100 ptrs, for continuous operation.

With the mix now added to the Rex Machine, it is now ready to dispense the meat portions of a specific size - which has been programmed into the machine.

...Next we need to decide what we are making: Is it a) Sausages?, b) Black Pudding? or c) Burgers?

STEP 03a: Sausages
Onto the RVF327 we install the rotating holding device. This is used for filling into either natural or collagen casings. The holding device is plugged into the Rex, so after the Rex has sent out the right weight, the holding device knows when to link and twist.

Some notes for natural casings: They are more delicate, and come in different qualities, so some of the cheaper ones can only be used on a manual piston filler, where your finger an thumb to the controlling of the fill.

So in general, to use naturals, we need good quality selected skins. They need to be pre soaked correctly, not too long as they do soft, not to short, as they are not soft enough.

The nozzle on the filler needs to be in good shape, i.e. straight. If it gets bent, as it rotates, it can break the casing.

STEP 03b: Black Puddings
For smaller operations, simply install a large nozzle, and put the casing over it. Then fill manually, using the knee leaver. The casing will be clipped as a separate operation.

For larger operations, a semi automatic clipper is installed, several options are available, Tipper Tie / Poly Clip etc. and connected to the Rex at the same place the holding device was. We then tell the Rex the portion size. We don?t sell the clippers, but as a guide they are about £20k. The clipper handle is pulled down, applying 2 clips side by side. When the handle is released, the clipper sends a signal to the Rex, and the next portion is dispensed. When complete, the handle on the clipper is pulled down, and the process starts again.

STEP 03c: Burgers
To make burgers, simply install the UFM straight onto the Rex. It connects to the same port on the Rex as the clipper or holding device. Same as before, tip the burger mix from the mixer grinder into the RVF, select the portion size, and start the system.

The rex dispenses the portion, the the UFM makes it into a puck, and the belts form into the burger shape.

Changing between setups is simple, and would take less than 5 minutes.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Finance Available

We are pleased to offer a competitive financing option via a third party for this machine.

Its quick and easy to set up, and makes it easy to afford new equipment.

We have provided a quote below based on a 5 year term. Other timeframes are available.

Please note that finance is currently only available to limited companies, for sole traders or partnerships please contact our customer services.

Finance from only £599.91 per month view detailed breakdown >>

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