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Sirman SA130 5" 130MM Burger Press

Product Code: MX00002

Sirman SA130 5" 130MM Burger Press
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Sirman SA130 5" 130MM Burger Press
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Product Information

The Sirman SA130 burger press is the 5" version of Sirman's well known burger press range.
  • Simple and compact patty press with rounded design
  • Made from anodised aluminium alloy
  • Built-in sheets holder
  • Rubber feet
Made from an anodized aluminium alloy with a stainless steel burger mould the burger press is constructed with a round design to allow for easy cleaning.

The burger press is fitted with rubber feet to stabilize it on work surfaces and could not be simpler to use.

The burger press lever is fitted to the side of the burger press, which when pulled down mechanically moves the burger press plunger 90 degrees round and then down and into the burger mould pushing and forming the mince meat into the burger shape.

The burger press lever is then moved back the same way it has come and the burger press pushes the formed burger back up out of the burger mould with help of a pusher plate inside. The burger is then ready to be removed by hand for packaging.

There is a burger paper holder on top of the burger press which can store several hundred papers.

Once the burger is removed from the burger press the metal side button is pressed to drop the bottom plate that has pushed the burger out of the mould back inside, and then the operator is ready to start the process again.

The burger press also comes in a 4" (100mm) amd 6" (150mm) versions called the SA100 and SA150 burger press respectively.

Another option to look at is the Sheerline Burger Machine which is manually operated but filled by attaching it to a sausage filler or alternatively take a look at the fully automatic Formatic Burger Machine - Model R2200.

Technical Information
  • External Dimensions (WxDxH) 360x460x360mm
  • Burger Size 130mm (5")
  • Weight 6kg

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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