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Tray Overwrapper S/Steel 450MM Hot Wire

Product Code: MP30030

Tray Overwrapper S/Steel  450MM Hot Wire
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Tray Overwrapper S/Steel  450MM Hot Wire
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Product Information

Stainless Steel cling film overwrapper, for 450mm wide clingfilm.

Comes with hot wire, for easy cutting.

This hand stretch cling film overwrap machines is quick & easy to use. It includes two support rollers for the stretch film to be used. Combined with a stainless steel support bridge that allows the cling film to pass under the product to be wrapped.

The device includes an electric console which is constantly heated low voltage cutting wire, which is used to cut the film before sealing the bottom of the tray on the stainless steel hot plate. The hotplate features adjustable temperature settings.

Product Specifications & Additional Info