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E230 Aluminium Clips 9,000 Per Box

Product Code: E230

E230 Aluminium Clips 9,000 Per Box
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E230 Aluminium Clips 9,000 Per Box
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Product Information

Grooved inner surface for secure closing

Inner dimensions: 8.25 mm
Outer dimensions: 13.30 mm
Leg Length: 14.80 mm

These aluminium clips constitute a real alternative to all solutions common in the market for the closure of sausages (artificial and natural casings), pudding casings, nets for fruit and vegetables and for the safe and tight closure of liquid products (transportation of live fish).

The clips are compatible with tools and machines (table clippers, semi-automated and fully automated machines, etc.) of the most common manufacturers in the food industry (butchers, meat markets, etc.) such as Beck, Tipper Tie™ or Poly-Clip®, and they show an outstanding quality and production precision. This is what we offer:
  • U-clips in sticks or on spools
  • different tensile strength
  • for the closing of sausages, fruit-meshes and vegetable-meshes
  • pneumatic (air-driven) tools (BECK 1-TC-T2 table top clipper)
  • bright finish
  • compatibility with Tipper Tie™, Poly-Clip® und others*
  • guaranteed food safety

*Tipper Tie™ and Poly-Clip® are trademarks of their respective owners.

Other sizes available - contact us for more info.

Compatible Machines:

Beck Single clipper BPK200
Tipper Tie DC-220
Tipper Tie DC-220/90
Tipper Tie DCA-E
Tipper Tie DCA-E 200
Tipper Tie DCA-E 200/90
Tipper Tie DCA-EN
Tipper Tie DC-K
Tipper Tie DC-K90
Tipper Tie DCVK 70
Tipper Tie DCVK 90
Tipper Tie KDC-N
Tipper Tie KDC-N90
Tipper Tie KDC-NL
Tipper Tie KDC-NL90
Tipper Tie KDC-SV
Tipper Tie KDC-T
Tipper Tie KDC-T90
Tipper Tie KDC-V 90
Tipper Tie KDC-V 90/70
Tipper Tie KDCV-T 90
Tipper Tie KDCV-T 90/70
Tipper Tie MH-220
Tipper Tie MP-207-E
Tipper Tie TCN-220
Tipper Tie Tcni-E220R
Tipper Tie TCNV E220 R
Tipper Tie TCV 1590 E210
Tipper Tie VKA 2
Tipper Tie TC-4350-E210

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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