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Tray Overwrapper White 450MM Hot Wire

Product Code: MP30029

Tray Overwrapper White  450MM Hot Wire
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Tray Overwrapper White  450MM Hot Wire
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Product Information

White tray overwrapper with 450mm Hot Wire.

This tray overwrapper features the following:
  • Combined switch/warning light
  • 3 amp fuse in quick change holder
  • Energy regulator for controlling temperature of hotplate
  • 2 metres of three core flex complete with plug
  • Stainless steel packaging plate
  • P.V.C coated rollers with nylon bearings
  • Power Supply:- 220/250 Volts 50Hz 3amp

Operating Instructions
  1. Place the roll of film on the pair of rollers at the rear of the machine so that the free end of the film is unwinding from the bottom of the roller and passes under the packing bridge and over the film lift plate.
  2. Adjust the brake screw on the left side of the machine so that the rollers are tightened sufficiently to prevent free running of the roll. The brake spring should be tightened as the film roll diminishes and slackened when a new roll is used.
    Never tighten the screw so much that the rollers are prevented from turning.
  3. Switch on the machine by means of the combined switch/warning light at the extreme right-hand side of the machine. Note the warning light is illuminated when the machine is switched on. Set the hotplate regulator to approximately 3 - 4.
  4. The pack to be wrapped is placed on the packing bridge, the free end of the film is drawn forward by both hands and taken up and over the top of the pack and approximately 25mm (1") is tucked under the rear of the pack. Holding the film in position, bring both pack and film towards the front of the machine until the rear of the pack is clear of the cutting wire and then quickly place the pack onto the hotplate. The film will have been cut by the wire and the first seal made underneath the pack. Return to the hotplate and seal the ends.
  5. When the machine is switched on be aware of the hot cutting wire and hotplate.
  6. Clean down with a damp cloth
  7. The machine is only guaranteed if genuine ScobiesDirect packing wires and spares are used.

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Product Specifications & Additional Info

Tray Overwrapper White  450MM Hot WireSpec Sheet