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A Butchers Christmas Tale

Display inspiration for the 2022 season
Watch Chef Andy Benn prepare a range of meat dishes using ScobiesDirect Christmas ingredients – helping give you some ideas for what you can easily offer your customers over the festive period.

Single Stuffed Turkey Lobe

Watch Chef Andy Benn put together a Single Breast Turkey Lobe with stuffing mix - topping it with Extra Tasty Glaze.

With fewer people expected to attend group/family Christmas dinners this year, it is expected that the demand for joints such as Turkey Lobes will be in much higher demand.

Save up to 20%

Pigs In Blanket

Watch Chef Andy Benn create a ring of 'Pigs In Blanket' - placed in a round tray, which will look great on your counter and your customers home table for their Christmas dinner.

This dish is a traditional and indulgent treat, perfect for sharing.

Save up to 20%

How to Prepare Stuffing Planks & Discs

Watch Chef Andy Benn prepare stuffing planks and discs that can be combined with Christmas sausages such as chipolatas and presented in dishes that customers can take home and cook themselves.

Dishes that will look attractive on your counter and provide a traditional, indulgent dish for customers to share at their Christmas dinner.

Cranberry Apple Sausage

Watch Chef Andy Benn create sausages using our Winter flavour: Cranberry Apple Sausage

Chestnut Stuffing Mix

Watch Chef Andy Benn create a stuffing mix using our new Winter flavour: Chestnut Stuffing Mix

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Apple Warm Spice

Watch Chef Andy Benn create stuffing using our Winter flavour: Apple & Warm Spice Stuffing Mix

Caramelised Red Onion Sausage

Watch Chef Andy Benn create a sausage using our Winter flavour: Caramelised Red Onion Sausage Mix

Extra Tasty Glaze

Watch Chef Andy Benn prepare a Turkey Joint using our Extra Tasty Glaze, with Salt, Pepper, Garlic and Sage Stuffing Mix.

Save up to 20%