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Hairtite Metal Free Blue 3MM Hairnet 100/PK

Product Code: WWE00/C51SB

Hairtite Metal Free Blue 3MM Hairnet 100/PK
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Hairtite Metal Free Blue 3MM Hairnet 100/PK
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Product Information

HairTite HiCare Metal-Free Hair Net, Blue.

  • Contains hair: 2 x better hair containment than traditional mesh hairnets
  • Certified by HACCP International for use in food processing and food service environments
  • Latex free (nylon covered latex)
  • Double comfort elasticated edge tested for day long comfort and hair retention
  • Enhances air flow
  • Choice of Colours available

Q) Why choose HairTite?
A) This is a premium product that provides maximum hair containment - especially when used in conjunction with our other hair protection products such as Mob Caps and KleenCap Max:
  • 2 x hair containment of a traditional mesh hairnet for the same price*
    (HairTite Standard to 5mm traditional mesh hairnet and HairTite HiCare to 3mm traditional mesh hairnet)
  • 6 x hair containment when worn under a Mob Cap*
  • 11 x hair containment when worn under a KleenCap Max*
*Source: The University of Bolton, England.

  • Reduces expenditure on hair complaint fines
  • Saves management time investigating hair complaints
  • Helps improve your relationship with key customers

Independently tested by the University of Bolton proving to contain hair 2 x better hair containment than traditional mesh hairnets.
  • Patent Granted Fold and Hold technology to hold hair flat
  • Supported by the White Paper target zero hair complaints by Professor Barry Stevens – President of the Tricological society 2014-16, University of Bolton and Industry experts

We can help you improve hygiene using hairnets, mob caps or disposable caps - we have what your need to prevent hair contamination. We provide hair nets catering and hair nets for food industry in general. If you require food hygiene hair nets, designed specifically for food industry headwear and hair nets for food preparation then we can help. We offer a range of hairnets such as Disposable Hair Nets.

Hair nets for food preparation is highly recommended, it's an essential requirement for the food industry

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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