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Safood Safety Glove With Sleeve X Large

Product Code: SAFOOD/XL

Safood Safety Glove With Sleeve X Large
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Safood Safety Glove With Sleeve X Large
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Product Information

Rim colour yellow

Safood is a seamless knitted glove constructed of a revolutionary blended yarn, combining ultra high density Dyneema with ultra light coated stainless steel fibre.

Supplied as a single glove, fits either left or right hand.

Dyneema, A bright white polyethylene fibre, it is, pound-for-pound, ten times stronger than steel, more durable than polyester and has a specific strength that is 40% greater than aramid fibre.

  • Ultra high cut resistance
  • Longer wearer resistance
  • Machine washable at 40°C
  • 13 gauge construction for ultimate comfort and flexibility
  • Extra length for added protection (+18%)
  • Specially coated stainless steel fibre
  • Lint free
Washing instructions

The gloves are washable, and can be washed in a conventional washing machine, provided the maximum wash temperature does not exceed 40°C. It is also recommended to use non-biological detergent.

Regarding dry cleaning, Dyneema is resistant to chemical substances and will not be affected by oil acids or other substances.

Most important is the drying process. The gloves should be dried at room temperature; Drying by mechanical means with temperatures over 40°C may damage the glove and cause shrinking.

These gloves have been tested to the required European safety regulation and satisfies the minimum demanded norms of the European directive 89/686/CEE. relating to articles of individual protection regarding health and safety norms.

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