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Nutracasing 23MM 600MTRS Per Caddy

Product Code: NUVNCFA232CDY

Nutracasing 23MM 600MTRS Per Caddy
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Nutracasing 23MM 600MTRS Per Caddy
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Product Information

Vegetarian Sausage Casings
These are supplied in a caddy of 50 x 12m sticks, giving a total of 600m.

We recommend that you use a 12mm nozzle with this casing.

The Nutra® casing is the world’s first truly vegetarian edible sausage casing.

Made entirely from plant based materials this casing is suitable for vegetarians & vegans and is Halal certified.

The Nutra® casing is made entirely from non-allergenic ingredients and contains no Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s).

The skin itself gives an excellent appearance and texture to all sausages whether they are vegetarian or meat based.

To achieve the best results from this product it should not be soaked or exposed to excessive moisture before stuffing.

N.B. Please note that the Nutra casings is not suitable for steam or boil cooking applications.

KOSHER: Vegetable sausage casings are Kosher and the boxes are all stamped with the Kosher certified

Product Specifications & Additional Info