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Ultrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed Diameter

Product Code: NE2004810FD100

Ultrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed Diameter
Ultrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed DiameterUltrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed DiameterUltrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed DiameterUltrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed DiameterUltrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed DiameterUltrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed DiameterUltrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed Diameter
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Ultrapeel 200 Roast Extra Fixed Diameter
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Product Information


200mm Fixed Diameter - 100m roll.

Precise Diameter Control Netting for improved slicing yields and product control.

SCOTNET has developed an elastic net with fixed diameter control.

Conventional nets have always used a combination of rubber thickness and inserts to create the power (inward pressure). With our Fixed Diameter Net single and multi-muscle products can be over stuffed slightly giving cavity reduction by using the power of the stuffer.

As the size of the pieces reduce, a more casing like diameter control can be achieved either by filling straight into the net or into net and casings together.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduce cost
  • Reduce cavities
  • Increase slicing yield
  • Reduce product giveaway
  • Improve appearance
  • Add value to lower cost products
  • No special machinery required
  • Increase efficiency
  • Create new products
  • Increase output

Thinner Rubber
verstuff single and multi muscles to create the inward pressure to reduce cavities.

Casing Like Fill
Fill smaller pieces into netting, and produce product with casing like diameter control but with the netted pattern.

Casings and Net
Combine netting and casings for ultimate control, appearance and yield.

How It Works:

Traditional Netting
With traditional elastic netting, the diameter is controlled through a combination of tube size, and netting power. The rubber thread is surrounded with a twisted helix of polyester.

Fixed Diameter Netting
SCOTNET Fixed Diameter Netting has an additional non elastic thread, precisely measured, between the rubber and the covering helix. This stops the stretch at an exact point.

Additional Benefits:

With the diameter control thread below the rubber covering, the appearance is improved compared to other solutions.

Smoked Effect
A smoked appearance can be created using coloured collagen casings, thereby helping to achieve a distinctive look.

How To Apply:

Casing Net Applicatior
Use on most vacuum fillers to simultaneously fill into net and casing.

What the customers said:

"Amazing, I never thought a net could be so precise"

"We have reduced our cavities and our netting specification - a truly great product"

"Consistent sliced diameters have let us improve our slicing yields and the product fits the pack perfectly!"

"Using FDN with collagen tubing has revolutionised our product appearance, net stripability and overall yield."


Click HERE to download the brochure for the SCOTNET Fixed Diameter Netting.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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