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Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - Medium

Product Code: CG4000M

Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - Medium
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Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - Medium
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Product Information

Five Fingered Chain Mail Glove, Size Medium

Steel mesh fabric gloves protect against damage, wounds and cuts that can occur while working on meats or performing other activities.


220mm Length (from wrist to tip of middle finger) 130mm Wide (across palm of the glove).

Our five-finger gloves come in different sizes which can be recognised by the letter printed on the buckle and integrated coloured stamp.

Red = Medium

The little buckle allows to adjust the glove to any wrist size.

The steel mesh fabric is composed of 4 mm diameter and 0.55 mm thick rings made from 100% high grade anticorrosive stainless steel with hermetically sealed micro plasma welds, which prevent bacterial growth and provide a consistency in the glove production. Gloves conform to EU standard EN1082.

Gloves should be worn only on the hand which does not hold a knife or cutting tool. They can be worn on your right or left hand, so it is important to use the product which most suits your needs. A glove protects only the body part it covers; if you need extra protection, wear gloves with forearm covers.
The glove material is conductive: avoid contact with any metallic part that can conduct electricity. Gloves are not designed to protect against wounds caused by operating machines; therefore, they are not suitable when using an electrical saw or any equipment for the removal of skin and tendons. Some knives, particularly those with thin blades for the boning process, can penetrate gloves to a certain point; wearing a glove will not fully remove the risk, but the seriousness of the wound will be significantly lower.

It is important to choose the right size for your gloves, so steel is not too tight and the glove does not need replacing. If a glove is too small, it is not comfortable and can hurt your hand. If it is too big, it can be cumbersome and cause incidents on the job. To provide proper protection, gloves should be adjusted to the hands by means of the buckle provided.

Gloves are generously sized, so steer towards a smaller size than you think you may need. If the glove does not fit, we will exchange for another size on a free swap service.

Gloves should be used as they are manufactured and supplied: no change is allowed to avoid affecting protection and the manufacturer will not be liable for incidental damage caused by such modifications. The life of gloves depends on how often they are used. Note that when even one single ring opens protection can be affected, so it is necessary to repair the damaged part. Gloves should be cleaned and sterilised immediately after use, i.e. brush them with water and detergent for the food industry, then rinse with a lot of clean hot water (min. 82°C).

Gloves are packaged in plastic bags to maintain their original quality.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - MediumSpec Sheet

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