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Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - Medium

Product Code: CG4000M

Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - Medium
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Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - Medium
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Product Information


Perfect fit and easy buckling thanks to the convenient wrist adjusting strap. Fabric wrist band and stainless steel buckle.

The plastic buckle can be easily replaced - it is non-toxic and can be sterilised at 130 degree Celsius. This allows to put the glove directly into the autoclave with no risk of damaging it.

These gloves can be worn on either right or left hand

Our safety gloves are certified - affording mechanical protection against puncture wounds and cuts when using hand knives.


MATERIAL: Stainless Steel

ERGONOMICS: It is important that the user selects the correct size and type for comfort and to suit the application of use, ensure the correct glove length is selected to avoid stiffener causing the wearer any discomfort.

WARNING: Stainless Steel and titanium materials are both good conductors of electricity and so close contact with any electrical source, appliance or equipment should be avoided. The gloves do not afford protection from mechanical impact.

INSPECTION: Regular inspection of the glove should be carried out by a competent person. If the glove becomes damaged it will not provide the optimum level of protection and therefore should be immediately removed from service and replaced or repaired. Never use damaged gloves.

CLEANING: Our safety gloves must be cleaned each time after use. if you do not have available a special glove washing machine then we advise that you clean the gloves in warm water, with temperature approximately 50 degrees Celsius, suitablecommercial available detergents should be added. Brush the glove vigorously and when dry treat with a suitable disinfectant after which the glove should be hung up or suspended - preferably in a storage cabinet.

STORAGE: When not in use the product should be stored in a well ventilated area. Never place heavy items on the product and avoid excessive folding. If the product is wet allow it to dry before placing into storage.

STANDARDS: Manufactured in accordance with 89/686/CEE - UNI EN 1082-1:1998

Size Guide:
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Product Specifications & Additional Info

Chain Mail Glove 5 Fingers - MediumSpec Sheet

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