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STRETCH-2-FIT Clear Gloves X-large 200/PACK

Product Code: AS2F104

STRETCH-2-FIT Clear Gloves X-large 200/PACK
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STRETCH-2-FIT Clear Gloves X-large 200/PACK
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Product Information

Stretch-2-Fit™ Food Safe Gloves Clear Size X-Large

Stretch-2-Fit's™ are food safe gloves with zero allergic reaction. This means workers can keep their barrier protection on longer before feeling the need to change. This dramatically reduces the risk of hand contamination while making staff more productive & comfortable.

Stretch-2-Fit™ gives the Food Industry its first ever truly 100% Food Safe glove. It has been tested to EU 1186-1 and passes all four simulant tests whereas Vinyl gloves cannot do this.

Gloves that mould to the shape of your hand for extra sensitivity whilst providing the highest level of barrier protection

It is also the World's first truly hypoallergenic glove as there are no residual chemicals and no powder, which is the biggest cause of skin irritation to the user. It has also been approved by the NHS to EN455, parts 1 2 3 &4.

The design allows a better fit as it stretches to the finger ends, giving more feel and dexterity. There is no cuff collapse allowing air to circulate to the palm giving less hand sweat. If used in cold temperatures it won't become brittle, like Vinyl.

This glove will enhance the user's ability to work more comfortably and efficiently without compromise, giving peace of mind in the workplace and cost savings to the industry which will help British business.


Full Food Safe Pass by SGS Test BAN 160795/1
(All existing vinyl gloves on sale in the UK only pass 3 tests out of 5)
No DOP, No DINP - see Reach Regulations
EN455 Pts, 1, 2, 3 & 4 by NHS Test Labs - commercial desposables are a lower specification.

Monetary savings, but a technically superior glove.
260% less waste packaging
260% less storage space
Less wasted gloves as they dispense singly, not in bunches
No need to wash hands after glove change, saving soap, paper, creams & absence from work station.
Gloves can be recycled along with polythene.

Health & Safety
No residual chemicals - the biggest cause of skin irritations for users.
No Powder
Reduced sweating palms due to glove design
Proven true Hypo Allergenic glove

Operator Satisfaction
Far easier to don than other gloves
Unlike all others, after wearing a S-2-F, a second can be donned easily.
After glove is removed, no feeling of sticky hands, so less washing of hands
Stretches to fit end of fingers to give better sensitivity
Less hand sweat as palm gets some ventilation
Cuffs do not collapse like Vinyl & Nitrile
No sizing issues because the glove Stretches 2 Fit
Weight of gloves 260% lighter when handling cases

One tenth of the carbon emissions of all other gloves
260% less packaging
260% less transport
260% less packaging
Fully recyclable, unlike other gloves,put with poly items

Product Specifications & Additional Info

STRETCH-2-FIT Clear Gloves X-large 200/PACKSpec Sheet