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Tougher Food Labelling Law for Butchers?

Tougher Food Labelling Law for Butchers

The BBC today claimed stronger food labelling laws are being proposed to prevent further deaths of people with allergies.

Following the death in 2016 of Natasha Ednan-Laperouse, 15, of Fulham, London, who suffered an allergic reaction to a Pret a Manger baguette, food businesses are under increasing pressure to provide a full list of ingredients for the products they sell.

Back on 13th December 2016, new EU legislation required every pre-packed foodstuff to be labelled with nutritional information – however at the last minute numerous businesses including most butchers were exempted. E.g. small businesses (less than 10 employees) may be exempt.

However, with increasing pressure - partly from the media and no doubt in time from politicians, it will probably only be a matter of time before all UK butchers are required to provide food labelling for all of their food products.

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The good news for ScobiesDirect customers is we have hundreds of FREE Butchers recipes on our website. All of our recipes provide a Nutritional Food panel, which you can easily print out onto a label, to help you comply with any new nutritional labelling legislation.

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As long as you follow our recipes, then you will be able to use the corresponding nutritional labels that you can download and print from our website – so whatever the future brings ScobiesDirect customers will be able to quickly comply to food labelling legislation, and in turn provide peace of mind to the increasing number of customers that suffer from food allergens.

Posted 27 days ago