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NEW: Cook In The Bag Ovenable Pouches

Cook In The Bag Ovenable Pouches

Thanks to ScobiesDirect Butchers now have yet another string to their bow when it comes to competing with supermarkets. We have recently released our new 'Cook-In-The-Bag' ovenable pouches. We have run a number of customer tests - both with Butchers and home cooks and they have been proving extremely popular.

What Are 'Cook-In-The-Bag' Ovenable pouches?

Cook In The Bag has implemented an intelligent sealing structure that will always open part of the seal during the baking/roasting process. This features provides safety & ease of use, but also a perfect roast and crispy meat effect.  

The properties of the Cook In The Bag material allow usage in the range of -40 to 220°C, so the packaged food can be stored either chilled or frozen, and then be roasted in the oven or warmed up in the microwave. The roasting process can last up to 2.5 hours in the Cook In The Bag pouch.

They are an extremely convenient way for customers to quickly & easily cook delicious meals at home - in their own oven - all thanks to their local butcher.

These new ovenable pouches self vent when the internal temperature reaches 175 Celsius. So there is no need to pierce the bag before popping in the oven

Why would customers want to use them?

The ovenable pouches are ideal for oven- or microwave-ready packaged foods. You can use them to prepare fresh or precooked food in the shortest time possible. Perfect for use in any kitchen and any oven. Just what your customer wants.

The food stays juicy in the pouch and, after the process, has the best taste you can imagine. There is no need to move it to a different container – so it’s easy to use and the kitchen stays clean.

The are safe & easy for customers to use. Cook In The Bag provides a easy, safe way to prepare products such as meat, poultry, fish, and also vegetables and dish-ready foods, all without losing the product’s vitamins, minerals, aromas, quality and flavour. All products can be flavoured with spices, sauces and marinades for better taste – whatever gives the perfect cooking result. 

Cook In The Bag Ovenable Pouches - Sealed

How do they work?

  • Add meat to ovenable pouch
  • Add sauce to ovenable pouches
  • Seal pouch
  • Sell to customer
  • Pop in the oven and wait until cooked
  • Oven bake MAX temperature is 220 C
  • No need to pierce
  • Microwaveable
  • Vacuum bag retains flavours
  • Serve & enjoy...

Cook In The Bag Ovenable Pouches - Sealed


ScobiesDirect have developed a range of sauces that are specifically create to work our new 'Cook-In-The-Bag' ovenable pouches:

ScobiesDirect have developed a range of sauces that are specifically create to work our new 'Cook-In-The-Bag' ovenable pouches:

Value For Money… for Butchers & their Customers

The ‘Cook In The Bag’ vacuum oven bags, alongside their related sauces: Mint Piri-Piri, Spicy, Pepper & BBQ are a great way for butchers to compete with – and beat the supermarkets for oven ready meals. Offer the same convenience & beat them on price.

Best of all, being able to offer food products sealed in a vacuum bag e.g. Chicken + Piri-Piri sauce, which the customer can easily & safely cook in their oven at home will offer you a competitive margin, letting you easily beat supermarkets on price for value-added products.

ScobiesDirect reviewed prices of chicken products from major UK supermarkets.

This included one retailer offering plain chicken breasts, and value-added chicken: Piri-Piri Chicken Breasts.

A butcher using ScobiesDirect Cook In The Bag + Piri-Piri Mix is able to offer a similar value-added product to the consumer at a much cheaper price, as seen by the cost breakdown below, even when using their own plain chicken:

Cook In The Bag Ovenable Pouches competition

ScobiesDirect ‘Cook In The Bag’ offering is a fantastic opportunity for butchers – your customers will love them!

View our 'Cook-In-The-Bag' ovenable pouches here

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