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Cooked Right Sensors 2/PACK, 100 Packs/Box

Product Code: SENSOR180

Cooked Right Sensors 2/PACK, 100 Packs/Box
List Price £80.00


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72p per PACK

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Cooked Right Sensors 2/PACK, 100 Packs/Box
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Product Information

The Cooked Right Sensor provides a quick and accurate way to know when meats, poultry and seafood have reached their optimum level of doneness.

Profitable add on for your counter or a great complimentary gift for loyal customers.

Using patented thermochromic technology, the single use Cooked Right Sensor produces a vivid color change at the tip that indicates when a food item has reached a specific predetermined temperature, thus indicating doneness.


o Easy to Use
Simply insert the Cooked Right Sensor into the thickest portion of the meat and wait 5 to 10 seconds. A color change at the tip of the sensor means the product is done. One use only.

o No Calibration
Unlike conventional food thermometers that may lose their accuracy over time, the Cooked Right Sensor is preset for a specific temperature and will not lose calibration.

o No Dials or Numbers
Unlike conventional food thermometers that must be read, the Cooked Right Sensor displays a simple color change to indicate doneness. No more trying to remember which end point temperature is needed for various proteins like meat, poultry, and seafood.

o Applications
The Cooked Right Sensor is ideal for use during any type of cooking, including baking and grilling.

o Storage
Sensors should be stored in shade away from UV and sunlight.

Sold in Boxes of 100 packs.

Two sensors per pack with RRP £1 / €1.40

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