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Camshelving Premium 1480MM Wide X 500MM Depth

Product Code: MSU451418PKG

Camshelving Premium 1480MM Wide X 500MM Depth
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Camshelving Premium 1480MM Wide X 500MM Depth
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Product Information

Cambro camshelving starter units are static polypropylene food storage shelves which are perfect for storing food and ingredients in any restaurant or foodservice operation.

  • Smooth wipe clean polypropylene surface
  • Build any configuration and fit any size area
  • Strong, durable and stable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Includes 2 post kits and 4 shelf kits

Easy & Quick To Clean

• Smooth wipe clean polypropylene surface
• Weldless construction so liquids and dirt cannot get inside crevices
• Each Camshelving® component is dishwasher safe
• Easy cleaning makes HACCP compliance simpler
• Embedded CamGuard™ silver-ion technology continuously works to suppress the growth of mould, fungus & bacteria

Easy To Adjust & Configure

• Build any configuration and fit any size area
• Available in 5 Heights, 4 Depths and 12 Widths
• Shelf heights adjustable in 100mm increments without disassembling the unit
• No bolts, no nuts! Easy 1-Step slide together construction
• Available with Level Footing, Wheels and Solid or Vented Shelves

Strong, Durable & Stable

• 150 to 200kg load per shelf depending on the length of the traverse
• ‘Strong as Steel’ weight bearing upright Posts and horizontal Traverses
• Unique engineering of the Post Connectors (top and bottom) provide exceptional cross stabilization
• Built in straight lines, two shelving units can share an upright Post with no loss in weight bearing capacity

Rust Free

• Polypropylene surface won’t rust even when washed or placed in wet or humid environments
• Not even salt water or sea air will corrode Camshelving®
• Ideal for walk-in refrigerators and freezers as cold as -38ºC or wet environments
• Lifetime limited warranty against rust and corrosion for Traverses and Posts
• Rust-free environment is vital for sanitary, HACCP compliant operation

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