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Aseptopol EL75 (2 X 5 Litre)

Product Code: EL9077070

Aseptopol EL75 (2 X 5 Litre)
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Aseptopol EL75 (2 X 5 Litre)
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Product Information

DETERGENT SANITISER: ASEPTOPOL - best in class, totally unique chemistry with superior germ kill performance = no other product like this on the market place.

Aseptopol is a ‘1 stage process’ Detergent Sanitiser.

This is a very effective antimicrobial cleaner that helps to ensure food safety. Perfect for using on pots & pans and all water resistant hard surfaces, in a food preparation area.

  • Can be used for both washing up, bottle fill, sanitising, bucket fill for wash down, foaming units and in a spray bottle
  • Replaces up to 4 products and simplifies process
  • Lowest cost is use = 3pence per spray bottle
  • Accredited to EN1276 and EN13697 at just 20 seconds contact time
  • Fully effective against E-coli and specialist testing against Campylobacter
  • E-coli FSA guidline double wash exemption
  • Also fully effective at low chiller temperatures of 5⁰C
  • BPD registered EN1276 & EN13697 detergent sanitiser
  • Dilutes at 200:1

TOP RATED CLEANING PRODUCT: Used in over 4000 UK retail stores alone!

Used for washing up and bottle fill cleaning and sanitising. Detergent Sanitiser for washing up. Fill the sink, wash & scrub items and soak for 5 mins to kill bacteria.

This product can be purchased on its own or as part of the Ecolab butchery system.

  • Remove any loose debris
  • Loosen surface grease and dirt using Aseptopol EL75
  • Rinse surface will lean water
  • Spray all surfaces with Aseptopol EL75 allowing 30 seconds contact time to kill bacteria
  • Dry with a paper towel OR allow to air dry

  • When using product as a detergent sanitiser for washing up
  • Fill sink to water line with warm water and add a specified number of pumps
  • Wash and scrub items thoroughly
  • Soak for minimum 5 minutes contact time to kill bacteria
  • Rinse with clean water
  • Dry with a paper towel OR allow to air dry

Cleaning and Sanitation in RETAIL & Butchery AREAS

Ecolab’s unique CLEANING and SANITISING CHEMICALS are especially developed for superior results at the lowest cost for Retail and Butchery areas.

  • Designed for best cost in use
  • Simple and robust equipment
  • Highest level of germ kill

Make your HACCP plan easy to manage with an Ecolab system

All food businesses must develop documented food safety management procedures based on HACCP, this means that businesses must identify where risks to food safety could occur and how they will control those risks.

As part of your HACCP plan all butchers need to show their cleaning and disinfection arrangements. ECOLAB provide highly respected, professionally graded cleaning products. By using ECOLAB products butchers will be able to have confidence that they are using professional grade cleaning products – which will help them achieve a high quality hazard analysis plan (HACCP)

Having clean premises and working areas is vital for butchers. ECOLAB products will help butchers comply with regulations, increase employee and customer safety and reduce food-borne illness risk

For example, having professionally graded cleaning products will help you reduce the risk from E. coli O157 – i.e. controlling cross-contamination


Product Specifications & Additional Info

Aseptopol EL75 (2 X 5 Litre)Item MSDS
Aseptopol EL75 (2 X 5 Litre) Quality CertificateQuality Certificate

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