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Pla Clear Tray 260 X 190 X 35 400/CASE

Product Code: GD35MTH

Pla Clear Tray 260 X 190 X 35 400/CASE
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Pla Clear Tray 260 X 190 X 35 400/CASE
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Product Information

Biodegradable PLA Tray

Dimensions: 260 x 190 x 35mm
Suitable for C2 and C3 Machines

With the current increasing environmental sensitivity expressed by the production and distribution of food, COMPAC has created, without compromissing the features and characteristics of food packaging, a full range of trays and vessels using a biodegradable raw materials from renewable sources: 'Polylactic Acid” known as PLA.

This material comes from renewable sources (corn, beet, etc.…) and after the use, degrades completely producing carbon dioxide and water. The trays and vessels such produced, thanks to good mechanical strength of the PLA, can be sealed with film PLA to create 100% biodegradable packaging.

Trays / Vessels in (PLA)

You can not use in microwave or traditional oven. Do not use the container to heat food to a temperature higher than +45 ° C. You can freeze food in the container until the minimum temperature of -40 ° C. Suitable packaging for cold products.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Pla Clear Tray 260 X 190 X 35 400/CASE Quality CertificateQuality Certificate