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Shrink Bag 250 X 350 Clear FM45 1600/BOX

Product Code: FM45250350

Shrink Bag 250 X 350 Clear FM45  1600/BOX
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Shrink Bag 250 X 350 Clear FM45  1600/BOX
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Product Information

These VACUshrink FM45 (45 micron) shrink bags by VACUFOL AG are a great alternative to vacuum pouches, and the ultimate solution for packaging and displaying your products with the best possible shelf appeal. They are ideally suited for the retail, deli, foodservice and processor plant food applications including boneless fresh pork, poultry, beef, lamb and seafood, processed hams, marinated meats and cheese products.

The VACUshrink FM45 features:

Width/opening: 250mm
Length: 350mm

  • Enhanced sealing properties, even on contaminated or wrinkled seal surfaces for fewer leakers

  • EVOH barrier for exceptional shelf life

  • High transparency and gloss for superior product presentation

  • Excellent puncture resistance for fewer leakers

  • Shrinkage of up to 45% for smaller ears and a tighter fit around your product

  • PET outer layer enables an overlapping seal in the vacuum packer

  • Why an EVOH barrier layer rather than PVdC?

    The Vacufol FM45 food grade environmentally friendly shrink bag benefits from 9 layer EVOH barrier technology and is preferable to PVdC / PVC based shrink bags for the following reasons:

    Production: Vacufol shrink bags use a EVOH for the barrier layer instead of PVdC, meaning that the bags are chlorine free and that no radiation is used in the production process.

    EVOH or Ethylene Vinyl Alcohol film provides a superior gas barrier layer in these food grade shrink bags, prolonging shelf life and so reducing waste, transportion costs and the required thickness of packaging.

    Product Specifications & Additional Info

    Shrink Bag 250 X 350 Clear FM45  1600/BOXSpec Sheet
    Shrink Bag 250 X 350 Clear FM45  1600/BOX Quality CertificateQuality Certificate
    Shrink Bag 250 X 350 Clear FM45  1600/BOXKosher Certificate