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Bio Vest Carrier Large 300/170X580 500/BOX 26MU

Product Code: BIOVC181037

Bio Vest Carrier Large 300/170X580  500/BOX 26MU
List Price £86.05


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13p per Bag

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Bio Vest Carrier Large 300/170X580  500/BOX 26MU
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Product Information

100% compostable, food-safe bags for meat purchased at the counter

Allowing consumers, for the first time, to recycle their soft plastic bags in a food-waste/compost bin.

Bio Vest Carrier bags are:
  • Certified biodegradable and compostable
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Waterproof, leak proof and odourless
  • Easy to tie and close
  • Convenient
  • An eco-friendly alternative to using regular plastic bags
Made from plant-based, natural resources, Bio Vest Carrier bags are certified compostable and biodegredable which means that they break down into water, oxygen and compost in composting conditions. Bio Vest Carrier bags leave no micro-plastics behind when they biodegrade.

This means that when you take your meat home you can put the empty Bio Vest Carrier bag straight into your Brown/Organic bin for recycling. Can't do that with a plastic bag!

Product Specifications & Additional Info