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Fruit and Veg Bio-bag 300/ROLL, 5 Rolls/Box

Product Code: BIOFV186603

Fruit and Veg Bio-bag 300/ROLL, 5 Rolls/Box
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Fruit and Veg Bio-bag 300/ROLL, 5 Rolls/Box
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Product Information

CLEAR & 100% compostable, food-safe bags on a roll which are ideal for fruit and vegetables

Supplied as 5 rolls per box, each roll has 300 bags
Bag size is 340mm x 420mm , 14 micron

Allowing consumers, for the first time, to recycle their soft plastic bags in a food-waste/compost bin.

Fruit and Veg Bio-bags are:
  • Certified biodegradable and compostable
  • Strong and lightweight
  • Waterproof, leak proof and odourless
  • Easy to tie and close
  • Breathable and so well suited for storing fruits and vegetables after purchase
  • Convenient
  • An eco-friendly alternative to using regular plastic bags
Made from plant-based, natural resources, Fruit and Veg Bio-bags are certified compostable and biodegredable which means that they break down into water, oxygen and compost in composting conditions. Fruit and Veg Bio-bags leave no micro-plastics behind when they biodegrade.

This means that when you take your meat home you can put the empty Fruit and Veg Bio-bag straight into your Brown/Organic bin for recycling. Can't do that with a plastic bag!

Product Specifications & Additional Info

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