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Aluminium Smoothwall Tray WW30 1000CC 660/BOX

Product Code: AS22100001

Aluminium Smoothwall Tray WW30 1000CC 660/BOX
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Aluminium Smoothwall Tray WW30 1000CC 660/BOX
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Product Information

Key Figures are:
Outer: 220mm x 150mm
Depth: 45mm
Inner: 202mm x 132mm
Base Size: 186mm x 116mm
Capacity: 1000cc
Supplied in boxes of 660

A medium sized, deep fill, two portion, smooth walled aluminium foil tray.
Suitable For: two portion chicken breasts or meat fillets, vegetables, burgers.
Our most popular size tray for ready meals; suitable for both oven and microwave.

Recommended lids for these trays are the: Clip On Lid 220X150 For Smoothwall Tray 560/BOX

Alternatively, for a quality finish for your product, try these with our new aluminium lidding film.

The foil trays are lightweight but strong. Foil is inert and therefore will not absorb grease or moisture and also will not support any micro-organisms.

With real consumer appeal and an upmarket look this will make them popular with your customers and give your products a high quality presentation.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Aluminium Smoothwall Tray WW30 1000CC 660/BOXSpec Sheet