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Meat Pads White 120X75MM 1800GSM 2400/BOX

Product Code: MP170053W

Meat Pads White 120X75MM 1800GSM 2400/BOX
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Meat Pads White 120X75MM 1800GSM 2400/BOX
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Product Information

White Meat Saver Pads 1800GSM

Size: 120mm x 75mm (4.72 x 2.95 inches)

Shown here on a black tray for the benefit of the photograph. These will often be used on white EPS trays, as well as clear plastic trays.

They are used to soak up any excess moisture from the product on the tray. Use with all types of meat and fish.

These meat saver pads are sold in 2400 per box.

  • Highly effective absorbency for clean, safe and efficient meat, poultry & fish display, storage & transportation
  • Enhances the appearance & optimises the sale price of the meat, poultry & fish
  • Reduces odour & locks in moisture
  • Get exactly the right absorbency you need for the product packed
  • Highly effective, low cost absorbency
  • Easy handling
  • Excellent appearance to provide cost-effective absorption
  • Lower thickness, with higher absorbency.
  • Lint free.
  • Even when totally saturated, don’t fall apart.
  • No SAF (Super Absorbent Fibers)
  • Provides a grip on the meat - enabling you to display tray at an angle if desired.
  • Fast absorption

This meat pad has been developed using the latest technology - created through a process of HOT BONDING.

This technology, generates a pattern on the pad, hence the thickness of the product is reduced in comparison to the traditional pad, but the absorbency is the same or even more.

This Meat Pad can be used in the packaging of various foods e.g. meat, fish or fruit, helping to preserve the freshness of the product


The special and unique pattern of the pad, created by new technology assists in the absorption, preventing the return of the liquid, therefore improving the shelf-life of the product.

For meat punnets, the characteristically bonded surface of the Meat Pad grips onto the meat which in turn then prevents the meat from sliding off when the punnet is held at an angle on the retailers’ shelves.

The BOND PAD when positioned on the bottom of the tray, creates a valid and soft support that protects the fruit from bumps that can accelerate the process of deterioration.

There is good functionality in regards to how much fluids are able to be absorbed from direct contact with the food. The Meat Pad also absorbs by capillarity, the loose liquid that with other products would remain in the bottom of the punnet.

The innovative design, combined with the vast range of colours, enables an inviting aspect to the customer towards the punnet and the product contained therein.

The micro perforation (indentations on the pad) improves the absorption of the liquids released by the foodstuff. What this means is that by having no "SAF" material, there will be no loose fibres e.g. bits of white soggy fluff, that will end up getting transferred from the pad if it were to breakdown due to excess liquid and go onto the meat - this is quite common if using inferior, low quality meat pads.

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Meat Pads White 120X75MM 1800GSM 2400/BOXSpec Sheet