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Ubert Rt 406 6 Spit Rotisserie 3 Phase

Product Code: MX70021

Ubert Rt 406 6 Spit Rotisserie 3 Phase
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Ubert Rt 406 6 Spit Rotisserie 3 Phase
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Product Information

The Ubert RT406 chicken rotisserie can hold upto 30 chickens at any one time over 6 spits.

Built in Germany the RT406 chicken rotisserie is made to the very highest standards and a design that has been improved over several years of experience.

The Ubert RT406 chicken rotisserie combine product presentation with delicious aromas, creating a unique shopping experience for your customer. With a chicken rotisserie in your shop window the look at the smell of the cooking chickens help to draw passing customer in and turn them into regular customers. The RT406 rotisserie can also be used to cook other products with use of interchangeable spits, baskets and grill pans, giving you an increased product range.

Customers associate the opening of the chicken rotisserie with a feeling of freshness, which stimulates impulse buying and makes the chicken roaster a star seller.

The chicken rotisserie's disc rotor assebly, shaft and stainless steel drip pans and spits are easily removed fro cleaning, improving sanitisation without the use of tools.

An innovative four stream convection system provides economical distribution of air streams inside the chicken rotisserie, and by concentrating the energy and the direction of the air streams over the product the cooking process is speeded up compared to other brands.

The spits holding the chickens benefit from double rotation meaning that both the individual spits and entire disc assembly rotate seperately inside the chicken rotisserie.

The chicken cooker gives you a product which is tender and juicy inside yet crispy and golden on the outside with minimal weight loss, just how your customer want them.

Ubert manufacture a whole range of chicken rotisserie so if this machine is not ideal for you, take a look at the RT303S, RT404, RT408 and RT416 rotisserie.

Why not look at the Ubert range of hot bases available to show off your cooked chickens and other products, whilst keeping them fresh and warm.

Technical Information
  • Chicken Rotisserie External Dimensions (WxDxH) 800x600x845mm
  • Chicken Rotisserie Capacity 24-30 Chickens
  • Chicken Rotisserie Number of Spits 6
  • Chicken Rotisserie Power 6kW

Product Specifications & Additional Info

Ubert Rt 406 6 Spit Rotisserie 3 PhaseBrochure

Finance Available

We are pleased to offer a competitive financing option for this machine.

Its quick and easy to set up, and makes it easy to afford new equipment.

We have provided a quote below based on a 5 year term. Other timeframes are available.

Finance from only £17.23 per week

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